Monday, July 16, 2007

bottled water: a marketing coup

I have to say that whoever thought of bottled water was having a moment of rare genius. I can imagine the laughter in that boardroom as the budding Einstein states, "Ok, so we take water, put it in a plastic bottle, slap a pretty lable on it with mountains, or a clear stream as the picture. Then we market this water as pure and fresh, charge money for it and BAM, new market created."

Personally I STILL think it is a ridiculous idea but people do buy the stuff. In that same vein I have my own idea I hope to market someday, Bottled Air. Here is my thought process:

Bottled air..a dollar a bottle for a breath of fresh air from the chill mountians of Colorado. When you are stressed out or that smoker next door is going strong,whip out the bottle of Fresh Air and BREATHE DEEP. After I have made my first Billion I will open another plant in Tibet, charge 3 dollars a bottle for my frufi Tibetian air,it has only been handled by Tibetian Monks who have made a vow of silence, are not 'mouth breathers' and eat a bean free diet. This air will be guaranteed to move you further toward inner tranquility. Then we move to bottling air from various countries, for travelers who get homesick. We could even put a fan attachment on it to slowly let the air out of the bottle and then the fan gently wafts the air into your face. Nirvana in a little faux metal cylinder.

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