Friday, September 07, 2007

A week after the Day After

It is ANOTHER hot humid night in Grapevine, Texas. The lake is still high but the bugs are smart enough NOT to buzz around and risk getting mired in the thick air. The boys in blue have taken the field once again. Somehow they found the heart or will to play on (or perhaps they were just bored at home). Ten men find themselves on the field again, bats in hand they each approach the plate with a determination born from loss of short-term memory. They take the field with gloves ready and waiting for the next fly ball or hard shot. Tonight they are not victorious (that would be too easy), but the game played did not have a lot of flaws and the score was not lopsided. Once again they head off to the after game dinner and the real fun of these nights. Football is on the big screen, wings are on the table and the conversation is lively. Each of them has a smile on thier face and a story or witticism on thier lips. The game is hardly mentioned but the important mission has been accomplished, I got to see my buddies.

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