Saturday, December 22, 2007

I need a new pair of shoes

Picture if you will a man, in a line, at a Walmart. It is not just any line, it is a customer service line and I must return a shirt. I could barely contain my excitement. As the line extended and twisted and curled its way down the aisle others joined me in my bliss. Soon there came to my ears the woeful sound of a child unhappy. This unnatural sound seemed to imminate from deep within the kids nose. It wasn't even words realy. It was kind of a eeeeeennnnnhhhhhhhhhhh. Or maybe a waaaaaahhhhh. Those insidious sounds seeped into my being and eventually I couldnt hear anything else. I began to get even more frustrated than I started and even caught myself eyeing the box of duct tape in one of the return carts. As thoughts of mayhem flittered in and out of my head it occured to me why the sound was so completely annoying. It was annoying because it was harmonizing with the sounds playing deep inside of me.

In this duet of pain, the only difference was that he did not care how annoying it was for everyone else, or that it made him sound like a whiny little kid. He was a whiney little kid! For just a moment there I felt really, really close to that kid. That moment passed and I threw my shoe at him.

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floydjoy said...

I've been there! Of course, I heard actual voices, but that could have just been the aliens messing with me. I like shoes.