Wednesday, October 29, 2008

God through a dogs eyes

Do you have one of those dogs? The kind of dog that feels like your buddy, a dog that knows what you want and does it, a dog that loves you? I do, I have my buddy Casey. He has been there when my world is crashing down around my feet, and, he has been there when I am feeling on top of that same world. It is amazing really, and humbling as well.

He looks up at me and I seem to see real adoration at times. He sees someone who can feed him, hug him and tell him how great he is. With a wag of a tail or an actual smile he lets me know how much he enjoys seeing me. On the flip side when he does something wrong, escape from the yard, chew up one of my socks he gets punished with a strong talking to, or perhaps a light swat on the nose. He accepts the punishment, head down, submitting to my discipline. In fact, when the discipline is over he just wants to know if I still love him, so he is sure to come directly to me and try to make up. Invariably, no matter how many socks he has eaten, I do let him know that I still love him and we move on. There have even been times when he got into a LOT Of trouble after baring his teeth to me or some other larger breech. Even after a very severe discipline, perhaps including a time locked in the laundry room, his first response is to come back and make up. Casey has bestowed on me his love and adoration. I am the most powerful thing in his universe, the provider of all his wants and needs and even his protector when necessary. It truly is a humbling thing to realize this creature looks to me for everything in his world.

From the title of this blog I am sure that you know where I am going with this. I am thinking that, would'nt it be wonderful if we could be 'Casey' to God. Looking to him for all of our worldly needs, taking our hardtimes and still coming right back to Him? Unfortunately I am usually NOT 'Casey'.

I am very often 'Toby' our smallest dog. He is the dog that is never happy with where he is. Toby does not know what is right, he only knows what he wants. In fact, we have nicknamed him 'Grass is always Greener-Toby' because he will be outside and want inside, we give him a dog cookie but he comes running over if I happen to pass near the food dish, just in case I dropped something in there. He looks to us as his providers alright, but he also takes it upon himself to try and find the food first. If he gets in trouble he runs away, or trys to run so hard that the discipline is totally lost. Toby loves us, but he does not adore us, be fears us, but he does not respect us.

There are even times that I am 'Lucky', our middle dog. She is actually the daughter of Casey and very smart, she knows what is right. The problem with her is that she is lazy, she does only the bare minimum for everyting she does. She sits to eat, she gets excited and wants to play with you but just rolls over for a belly rub when you come over to her. She loves us, when it is convienient for her, she knows we supply her wants and needs but she will take them when she wants to, not when we are offering them. She likes us alot but her comfort and convience are most important to her.

I love all three of the dogs but I am proud of only one.

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NancyJ said...

LOVE IT!!! This makes my relationship with God SO real and understandable! I'm running around in circles chasing my tail just thinking about my next quiet time! Thanks, John!