Sunday, October 21, 2007

Breaking the moment

I have a penchant for watching action movies. The more mindless the movie the better. Give me some great fight sequences, an explosion, a car chase and anti-aircraft round and I will be happy. I have found however, that there is a limit that even I cant seem to get beyond.

I was recently watching a movie that reminded me of this fact. The movie was Speed with Sandra Bullock and Keaneau Reeves. It had most all of the factors I want along, with low amounts of dialogue ( a Reeves forte'). The problem arises when the bus they are riding in suddenly runs out of freeway. We watch them get that bus up to about 68 miles per hour and then SOMEHOW catapult themselves a couple of bus lengths through the air, the nose of the bus somehow elevating and then landing on the other side, never falling below 50 miles per hour. I have to throw my hands up in the air and yell in exasperation. I have been engulfed in the moment all the way until this point and suddenly I am once again a viewer and not a participant. You can stretch credibility just so far and then you HAVE to say "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT". I had the same problem with the front wheelie spin in a circle while firing an automatic weapon PERFORMED by Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, the death defying fall while clinging to a giant sign in The Island or Ann Heche playing a straight women interested in a 50+year old Harrison Ford in Six Days and Seven Nights. Don't they have test audiences?

I suppose I still enjoy the movie to a certain extent, and I really am not expecting Shakespeare. I just want them to stray only 'A LITTLE' past the true human potential of survivability in these instances. Honestly, if I wanted to see a man fly I will rent Superman or an old Richard Pryor comedy show.

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