Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fantasy Football

Have I mentioned that I participate in a couple of different fantasy football games? I do, and it has turned into the most frustrating exercise in my whole life. You go through the week, reading about this team or that, looking at trends, looking at the other players choices and so forth. You take all of this into account and then make an educated decision on who will play the best for that one week. The problem is that when you get behind you have to differentiate from the leader in order to make up ground (salary cap game). I think you forget that he or she is the leader for a reason. They are seeing the trends better than you, so as soon as you try and do something different you lose even more ground. This happened to me today and, as happens a lot of seasons, I am DONE with fantasy football, the frustration and futility of it DRIVE ME NUTS. I spend the morning of my Sunday getting uplifted in church and the afternoon learning new cuss words so that I can more succinctly state my feelings (joking, mostly). I am now officially done with this stuff!

For this year!

Maybe I will look next week.

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