Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Curmudgeon sighting

In my many travels of the past couple of weeks I had another Curmudgeon encounter. This time the poor man was being incensed by the preponderance of personal websites. The transcript of this new interview follows.

BigTea- Hey Mark, how are you today?

Curmudgeon- meeeh,..I could complain, but who would listen?

BigTea- Riiight, Ok, I understand that you have a new pet peeve this week?

Curmudgeon- I don't have pet peeves, I have concerns and questions about, WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE KIDS DOING NOW? I mean why do they seem to waste all this time setting up an internet site with information that their friends already know?

BigTea- Well, it is about connecting with people, linking easily to one another's pictures, stories and so forth. It is about friends.

Curmudgeon- Who cares about more friends, my wife made me create a site while she was really excited about how much fun it was and how many people she could find and so on. She would become excited just because someone added her as a friend. I only have ONE friend, her and as it says that on my site, THAT'S ALL I WANT.

BigTea- Thats being a little anti-social isnt it.

Curmudgeon- Nope, Im just happy with the amount of friend contact I have already. Besides, I would have to get on the site and do things to make more friends.

BigTea- It is really not that difficult. You just log in with your password and then choose the "add friends" link.

Curmudgeon- And whats the deal with all these passwords? Why do you need a password for everything you do on these dang computers? Turn it on, use a password. Open a program, use a password...

BigTea- Lets get back to Facebook, wouldn't you enjoy seeing pictures of old friends ?

Curmudgeon--Well, if I want to see my friend I will just go visit them. Hop in my good old American car and drive down my REAL road and park in front of thier REAL house and go in and see them for REAL.

BigTea- What about the friends you have not seen in a long time, or ones that dont live nearby?

Curmudgeon-- Hey, if they wanted to see me, they would come to my house and knock on my door AND I would let them in WITHOUT a password.

BigTea- Well, thanks for the talk and hang in there man...

Curmudgeon- Don't worry about me. I don't even use a computer if I don't have to...AND I DONT HAVE TO.

In the interests of honesty, there is a lot of the curmudgeon in the BigTea during this installment.

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Cathy H said...

Yes, you should totally go check out his facebook profile.