Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I have to say that there are fewer thoughts, dreams and weirdnesses in my head than I thought. When I first began doing this I took a quick peek in there and it seemed so full, but now, not much going on. I was sure I could post at least once per week so that if anyone was enjoying it they could count on new content each Monday. Now I look at the screen on the weekend and think about how little is really going on in there. My wife is writing nearly every day, even blogs in advance at times, she cant wait. The big difference there is that her life is rather transparent in this and I cannot bring myself to do that. I don't mind everyone seeing the odd ideas I have, somehow that is easier to share because I know thay are odd, or that they are just to be entertaining. I guess I don't care if you don't find me entertaining when I talk about curmudgeons and phones in bathrooms. I further guess that I DO care, somehow, what you think about the guy that doesn't quite live up to his own ideals, isn't quite as smart or funny as he wants to be. I think I am to old too be transparent, or at least, too flawed.


Cathy H said...

And that, my incredible husband, is extraordinarily transparent. I really do love you.

floydjoy said...

First, happy birthday!

Second, right there with you on the "feeling too transparent" thing. That's why I like writing fiction - it doesn't hurt because you're really writing about - wink, wink - someone else.

You're a good writer. I enjoy reading what you have to say. And I'm also a patient guy, so the Monday deadline thing is totally negotiable. ;)