Sunday, November 25, 2007


Since my wife has already informed the world of my visual windfall I think I should cap it all off with my own thoughts. It is not often that my family surprises me on my birthday, I have a habit of noticing different things from different people and almost subconsciously putting them together. This birthday though, they surprised me. My wife had been putting back money for this occasion, even as I had, so when she handed me the cashiers check on Black Friday Eve I was stunned. For the past several months I had been trolling the stores and Internet ads, learning what was a good price and which were good units but I was not ready to get the money the night before Black Friday.

The casual searches I had been doing became nearly fevered as I wrestled with which store to visit and, more importantly, what time I would get there. As the evening turned into night I was no closer to a decision on where to go or when and it was getting late. Finally, at about 1am I went to bed and set my alarm for 5am, figuring I would just rollover and turn it off with the knowledge that I had TRIED to get up. Even the best laid plans..., my wife woke up at 4am and as she bounced out of bed and wandered around the house I woke up.

As I stared at the clock in horror I realized that I might as well go and see what I could buy. We loaded up in the car and headed toward the store, at 4:40 am there were people clustered around black wrapped pallets watching the Big Ass Clock aisle. I wandered back to electronics figuring that would be logical and my wife, not being logical, went wandering around. Ten minutes later she is calling me on the phone to say that she is following the guy that is pushing a flat of 4 TV's that we want, I head over there and he sets them up right in front of the check out area. Ten minutes after that I pull one onto a cart, push the cart 12 feet, pay the lady and push the new purchase out in the parking lot.

All-in-all Black Friday is not that bad, I dont know what everyone is always griping about. It is a pain to get up so early but the nap I had later fixed that up. My REAL problem now is, what am I going to do with all that time and energy I was putting into getting this TV? I feel kind of directionless and lost, no more goals in my life what ever am I going to do? Hmmm..I have had this computer for a long time, it must be nearly obsolete by now ....


NancyJ said...

I need a could have "missional time wasting" and shop for me and tell me what to buy! Think what a ministry! BTW, your TV is GREAT!

floydjoy said...

Oh. You got a spankin' new TV. Great. No, really. That's freakin' wonderful. Oh, hey, look at the time, gotta go. Time to watch Conan on my 7-year-old 27" Zenith tube TV.