Sunday, January 13, 2008

More sports

Happy New Year! As the new year starts I find myself without softball games or fantasy sports options. As I consider the boring days to come, a friend invites me to play a season of flag football with his team. I, of course, accept the invite and now have a new game for the rest of the winter. I am a very happy man, but so is my coach. It seems it is hard to find people who will play the position he wants me for. I will be playing as one of the guards on offense you see, and that is a hard position to get people to play correctly. With this being flag football, that means EVERYONE is an elgible receiver and most folks take that to heart. Instead of holding and blocking for several seconds they will make a half-hearted step towards the rusher and then run out for a pass. The problem here is that if the quarterback does not have the time to set and throw, NO ONE gets many passes. If you hang in there, give him time, do your job, then he will be able to throw more passes to more people. In fact, because I will stay and block we call plays later in the game to ME( or the other guard). The defense is concentrating on guarding the receivers or rushing the QB and I get an easy 10 to 20 yards on a quick dumpoff. In the end we ALL get more passes this way AND we get the added benefit of winning more games. Seems like a pretty simple premise, right? Then why will so few do it?

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Cathy H said...

What John said - read post above.

What Cathy understood - Happy New Year! No softball or fantasy sports. Friend invites. Very happy man. Simple premise.