Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Hiatus

For the one of you out there waiting with anticipation for my next installment of nonsense I apologize for the long hiatus. The simple truth was that I ran out of stuff to say and I do not enjoy sitting down and pounding out words without any idea of where I want to go. I have several thoughts that are bouncing in my head lately and I want to put them down somewhere and this is a great place for it. I have some things about our schools that bother me and a topic about church that I want to explore. I have found that writing this stuff helps me to crystallize my ideas and sometimes allows me to 'complete' my personal understanding. In any case, if you are waiting, they both will be coming soon.


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floydjoy said...

This troubles me, because next to you right now, John, I look positively prolific. If you follow through with this, I'll just be plain old Floyd who never posts anything. Again. :(