Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Runs like a Rhino??????

A few months ago my buddy David brought his kids to one of our softball games. During this night one of his teenage daughters said that I ran like an Ninja. I think it was mostly the baggy black sweats I was wearing but, I did enjoy the compliment and it kinda made me feel cool on some level.

Flash forward to this past weekend, I am once again playing softball, but this time it is summer and no sweats. I play ball with a group of men who visit Texas prisons and play softball against some of the inmates. This We have fun playing ball and sharing our faith with these men. Even more often they share theirs with us and affect our lives deeply.

During the games I was playing fairly well and ran down several balls that would normally have fallen short or gapped our outfield, saving runs and trying to make left field a no-hit zone. I was enjoying myself, my teammates were appreciative of and the inmates were as complimentary as well. In fact, walking back out to my position between innings one of the opposing fielders starting yelling "RHINO' with a big smile on his face. My confusion must have shown because he stopped and said, "You are running balls down in the outfield like some big rhino." I laughed and trotted on out to my position and any time I ran a ball down I would hear "Rhino" being yelled out from the specatators. This quickly became quite funny and my own imagination began supplying images of myself running out of the African plains and stomping our fires ala "The Gods Must Be Crazy". All in all the day was awesome, we met some wonderful men and had a great time sharing our faith and sharing out friendship with them.

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NancyJ said...

...better yet...maybe you're the FIRST EVER "Ninja Rhino!" Well done, Grasshopper!