Sunday, March 21, 2010

Talking to God

In my previous post about the IGC (Invisble God Cloud) I explained my personal image of an all present and all knowing God. This works real well for me when I am pondering the Infinte power and knowledge of my Creator but it does not allow me to get to know Him very well. How do you "get to know" a being that is everywhere, knows everything and could snuff out the Universe between breaths? I dont think we can, and I think this is a main reason he sent his Son to our Earth.

God's Son, Jesus was born into this world, just like I was. He grew up, just like I did and he died just like I will, as well as all the life he lived in-between these events. I do believe that he came and died so that we can all have the opportunity of an eternal heaven, but, I also believe he came so that we can have a PERSON to connect with. A personal Jesus, to steal a phrase from Depeche Mode. A MAN who died so that George, Brett, Elizabeth, Carol, Juan, Latisha, Farouk INDIVIDUALLY could EACH have this opportunity. Because he is God, he knew that his death gave ME personally an avenue to heaven, he saved me (and each and everyone else) personally and knows me by name. This allows me to connect, directly to Him.

Recently I heard yet another sermon on constantly being in connection with God In fact, I was part of a men's group that also pondered this thought and what it means. In the midst of this meeting an image occured. The IGC was sitting there and I just could not imagine how to stay in communion or contact with it. In fact I have tried many times in my past. I would wake up and pray, walk into the bathroom and pray, drive to work and pray, do my work and pray, eat my lunch and pray, do more work and pray.... You get the idea, after a day or two of this, I am exhausted from focusing so hard or feeling guilty for not doing it and eventaully give up.

But then the image of a Man popped in my head he was sitting next to me. He would smile at me and nod and then we move on. I drive to work and he is sitting in the car with me, I dont have to focus on him, but I do realize he is there with me. When the traffic gets bad he is still there, a reminder of who he wants ME to be. As I realize he is there with me, I can talk and explain my frustrations of the moment without going off the deep end. He understands what I am feeling and that helps me relax and let the world flow as it will. So when that guy cuts me off, just before I start yelling at him, or maybe just after, I realize, He is right there. I now can nod to him internally and think, thanks or even, "Im sorry, do you think you could help me not overreact next time," and he will look at me, smile and nod. Perhaps I am at the gym and playing basketball, he is there as well, watching, happy that I am doing somthing healthy, that I am enjoying myself. Since he is my friend he is not there to Judge me, he is there to keep me company and help me anytime he needs to. We are in constant contact and eventually, I hope he will be my best-friend. A best friend that wont let me fool myself when I am taking shortcuts, but also one that is there to lean on when my life is punching me in the mouth. This is a guy I can live everyday with, a guy, not the CEO of the entire universe.

Now for part 3, the Holy Spirit. This may take a while to wrap my arms around...


NancyJ said...

This "guy" is much more functional than the IGC!! Nice. ...and now..on to part 3!!

Big Tea said...

A "guy" you can wrap your arms around, right?