Tuesday, October 05, 2010

LeBron and racisim

I felt the need to give my two cents on LeBron James' recent commments on his new found villany. He stated that he believes that racisim has played a part in people's reaction to his move to Miami. I would like to pose a different answer. People dont ALWAYS dislike you based on your skin color, somtimes (gasp), they dislike you because of your VERY OWN ACTIONS. The style in which he departed Cleveland was, at best, immature. He could and should have let the ownership know beforehand and not play the prima-donna on TV for an hour, and dont get me started on the dancing and chest thumping that they were doing in Miami when the trio were introduced. These actions and several more have eroded the HUGE amount of love that was given to Lebron, but even that is not the MAIN reason.

The MAIN reason folks are mad, especially in Cleveland is that they feel LIED TO. Not lied to in the direct sense that he said anything but indirectly in that he led them to believe something that was not true. "What was that something?" you might ask. Let me explain. Lebron came on to the scene looking like a golden child, he was and amazing player, he looked MUCH older than he was so he projected a maturity that was well beyond what we normally would expect from an 18 year old kid. He ALSO, was a staunch supporter of his childhood friends, keeping them around and taking care of them, being generous. He got to stay in his home state, only a small distance from his home town and he did a lot of good work in those areas. Will his crimes ever end you might ask?

I show all of this to lead to the point that he became Ohios BIG BROTHER and folks felt like the little kid with the awesome big brother. A big brother that took him/her places, bought them candy and toys and generally showed he cared. He was promising to take all his kid brothers and sisters to that special place called NBA relevance and that even more special place, Championville. He promised and now he has gone back on that promise, moved away, never to be seen again. He was not the Big Brother, he was a ballplayer, making a hard decision and he decided that going to championville was not possible lugging the little kids around with him. He moved on, to a place that had a better support system but those other folks, they didnt lose a ball player, they lost a big brother and THAT makes them angry.


Anonymous said...

You are a deep thinker.

Is why I love you.

NancyJ said...

...and in this case, right, I imagine.