Thursday, December 30, 2010


Uganda. Yep, He told me to go to Uganda. Raid on Entebbe, Idi Amin, middle of Africa, Uganda. Now He did not one day pull back the clouds and look down and say, "John, you must now go to Uganda." That would have been too easy for me. No, God pushed me through several very hard life experiences in the past 3 or 4 years and finally got me to a point in my spiritual life where I am willing to listen. Time goes by, I become more involved with things and people outside of my own world, start to help folks and lend a hand. I start to see when I should step up and take care of something and THEN, right in the middle of a round of disc golf, my pastor asks me to go with him to Uganda.

BOOM, I had to go. Why? Because I had been talking to my children, my wife, my friends about being ready when God puts something like this in your life. You HAVE to step up and say "OK God, Im in ", or else you are not living up to the plans that God has for you. So I calmly looked at him, threw my drive shot and said, "Okay, I'll go". Then I went home and did some serious soul searching.

As a kid, in the 70's, Africa was one of those places (along with China and Russia) where God was not to be found. According to my Sunday school teachers and most any evangelist there was a LOT of 'God's Work' to be done there and I was SCARED TO DEATH. I just knew God was going to make me go, OR make me a pastor(sorry David). This prompted my quick move to Dallas, Texas and a very long absence from most church activity. I believed in God, I trusted Jesus to save my soul but I was NOT going to get involved enough to find myself a missionary in some third world country. Now, I do not believe God had any plans along those lines for me and I was probably running from my own imagination but I did run and God did wait and nudge. In fact, he nudged be into a Baptist University where I met my wonderful very active Christian wife and between the two of them I have not been allowed to stray to far away, but that fear or aversion to mission work has always remained, until now.

After praying, talking to my wife and kids I decided that I would go if we could get the support for my expenses and then let David know. Within a week or two he told me someone else had 'Stepped Up' and agreed to pay ALL the expenses, over two thousand dollars worth. I was blown away, I was humbled and I was still a little scared but the revelation was not over yet, he also informed me that the benefactor was my own daughter. She decided that God was talking to her too and so she said, "Okay, I will do that", to God as well.

So here I am, the day before my flight leaves, nervous, excited and ready to start. I have no doubt God has great plans for us when we get going and I will be ready to 'step up' each time. In any case I wont be alone, my wife and I decided to hold off replacing the furnace for a while so we could also send my daughter with me. This generation will not need to run away like I did.


Clifton Bean said...

Ah ... I remember the first few thoughts I had when I was accepted for the position in Saint Petersburg, Russia all those years ago. "Just what are you doing now?" It was pretty much the same reaction I got from my friends and family. They had just had parliment members removed from their white house and Yeltzin had rode down the street on a tank. It didn't seem a calm place to be.

Many thoughts and 15 years later: I am glad I tossed aside the alarms and ventured forth. :)

Anonymous said...

C'mon in Big Tea, the water's just fine! The Dark Continent is here awaiting you! Can't wait to be on the journey with you.

NancyJ said...

Well said, and way to go Big Tea!! Prayers covering you all!