Saturday, January 01, 2011

Day One,,,or is it two?

Leaving the country is an interesting thing, traveling this far is surreal. 9 time zones, and moving from Winter to Summer all in the course of 30 hours or so seems wrong somehow, but we did it. The flights were very nice, the original one from Chicago to Brussells was empty enough to spreadout a bit and the one from Brussells to Entebbe was light enough to lay down across 3 middle seats. In any case we are here, a little rested (6-8 hours in last 40)and the people here are very nice. David was delayed and will not fly in until 7pm tonight so I will have more to say, tomorrow.


Cathy_H said...

So glad you guys are there and that the flights were good!

NancyJ said...

Thanks for the updates! Keep it up! Prayers and blessings!

Clifton Bean said...

Glad you got there safe and sound.

How's the jet lag? I seem to remember it being worse going back to the States ... something to look forward to, I guess. :)