Wednesday, January 12, 2011

African Grackles

All of us in the Dallas area know about the grackles. Small black birds that just swarm all over the place and make a lot of noise and bird crap. I imagine every city has its version of these pest birds and I am going to tell you about Kampala's version. They are called Charles Birds, not sure why, if it is an implication that they look like an English Prince or whatever but that is what they have here. The biggest difference in these birds is that they are about 5 feet tall and bald. I do not think they make a lot of noise and since there are not hundreds of thousands of them the street are not covered in thier poop. They are just a big, ungainly, funny looking critter and I just wanted to share some pictures of them.

THis was supposed to go up several days ago, but my internet in Uganda was not up to the task

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NancyJ said...

Freaky! They look like giant pellicans! How do the trees even support them?