Sunday, January 09, 2011

An exhaustive survey

I have now traveled so extensively in this country I can give the government a fairly accurate count on the number of denizens. You might be inclined to think that I could not have been here long enough to do this. You might even think I have not seen enough of the countryside to justify my numbers. You might even think that I have nothing better to do than make something up. You would be entirely least two out of three times. In any case, here are my numbers:

Chickens - 65 million
goats - 55 Million
Pigs - 45 million
Cattle - 10 million
Dogs - 9
Cats - 5
Ducks - 2

I don't know what the government of Uganda will do with these numbers but I wish them better luck than the dogs, cats and ducks have had

BTW, I was going to have pictures added but they wont upload today, not sure why, will try again. Now I need to stand at my window and listen to the latest propaganda for the elections coming up.

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