Saturday, January 08, 2011

Lessons learned, eventually

Today we went to the 'Home' church for our organization here in Uganda. We saw most all of the sponsored children and gave out the shoes. Each sponsored child will get a pair of shoes, either today or later after we get some more of the correct sizes. It was a very joyous occasion and we were treated with a performance of a traditional African dance. We truly enjoyed the time there, speaking and giving shoes. Unfortunately this was not the biggest thing going on today.

During the festivites we received word that the folks running the hotel we stayed at needed us to move to another one of thier properties, today. We had left this morning,talking to all of the staff, making sure they knew we would be back for dinner tonight and that we had some laundry things to be taken care of. They offered no hint of the coming crisis. They needed us out by two o'clock because there was a group of 21 coming in today and they needed our rooms in order to keep them in one place. On the surface this does not seem to bad except that we could have packed our things this morning instead of rushing back and quickly throwing things into bags and leaving. Also, it was not clear whether or not the new facility had the same amenities as the old one (internet, individual bathrooms, fans, mosquito nets...) All of this, the horrible traffic, leaving comfortable and safe environs all meshed to make me rather angry. I knew that this was not a way you should treat guests in a hotel, suddenly springing something like this on them. I am sure the scowl on my face gave evidence to my great annoyance, even though a little voice was saying, "wait and see", I struggled with my anger and arrived at the new residence ready to dislike everything about it.

We drove in, the grounds were much smaller and the driveway was very small as well. After coming into the compound we went in to check out the rooms before we unloaded our bags. Walking in to what would be a huge three level house in the states. The floor was stone, the furnishings were very pretty and we could tell by the smartphones we had that they did have a wireless network. As we toured the place I began to feel better and better. The rooms were different, but nice, we had everything we needed and it is even better in many ways than the other place. Eventually I began to feel bad again, but this time because I had not let God handle it. I felt bad because I assumed it would be worse, site-unseen, and was totally wrong. I hope I can take this lesson forward and be more aware of why I am here and who really is in charge. In any case we do like it here and I will add some pictures to this post later on today.

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NancyJ said...

Wow, John. Good one. Hard lesson...and harder to live that lesson here in the comfortable and secure U.S. Thanks for the reminder!!