Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Steampunk Shelf- final product

I do think the shelves turned out very nicely, I enjoyed the end result and spent a good 10 minutes just sitting and looking at the whole thing, it is much like I envisioned. A simple parts list goes as follows: 1" Copper pipe 10', 3/4" Copper Pipe 15', 1" Cast aluminum threaded plates (2), 3/4" Cast Aluminum thread plates (8)[both painted copper], 1" XMale Adapters (2), 3/4" XMale Adapters (8)[threaded into the plates with the other end ready for pipe insertion], 1" Copper T (2), 3/4" Copper T (10), 1" Copper Elbow (2), 3/4" Copper Elbow (8), 1" to 3/4" adapter (2).

Each fitting needs a 1 1/2" piece of appropriate sized piped inside it to join to the next adapter (if the fittings are to touch), I also used clear liquid nails before connecting each piece together and I used sheet metal screws in a couple of places to make sure the pipes did not sag or twist. I tried to place the plates over studs so that they were anchored to wood in at least two screws and used sheet rock anchors in the other holes.

The whole thing cost about $240 and took me most of two days to finish. This is mostly because I dont do this very often and do not work efficiently as I should.

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