Monday, January 02, 2012

Steampunk Shelves, Phase 2

Phase 2 is different because this is where I introduced the stereo audio and HDMI cables into the pipes. This was done by creating a hole in the wall next to the PC and fishing the wires up to the hole in the center of the plate I used to anchor the shelves. My first real problem popped up at this point. I had been using 3/4 inch copper pipe and fittings, but, the HDMI cable would not make the turn through a 3/4 inch elbow, so, I took part of my copper back to the Depot and bought 1 inch pipe (10' piece $30). This took my project cost from $150 to $220. Once I had the new pipe I began building the next portion across the rest of one wall, and then, left, down the next wall to an anchor point and another plate. BTW, the plates I am using are actually floor plates of cast aluminum or iron and painted copper color. They have a hole in the center that allows me to go into the wall without showing the hole. In any case once I had my pipe to the proper spot on the second wall the cables were fished back into the wall and down. Then I pulled them out and hooked them back up to my TV and sound system.

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