Monday, July 13, 2009

Throwing the fight(Rant)

Most if not all the folks that go to the trouble to read my blog are NOT like me when it comes to conflict. For most of my life I have not shyed away from it and at times have ran to meet it. I have been of the opinion in my life that too many people hate conflict so much that they will let other people run over them, cheat them or just generally treat them poorly. In fact, I had seen so many people like this that I kind of took the opposite tack. This will not endear me to anyone but it seemed that the world needs to be balanced out sometimes and since conflict does not bother me as much as most others I step into the breach. The line jumper does not get away with his/her lack of patience, the lady with the big suv who is too important to wait in the right turn lane with everyone else and keeps edging her nose into the lane to force a hole will not find an entrance if I am there. In fact, several circumstances happen nearly every day where someone is being a butthead and people just let them, rather than have the conflict. These were my personal battlegrounds, the place were I felt SOMEONE needed to step into the breach and say ENOUGH, you are not walking on THESE people this time. Notice that I said it WAS my battleground, I have decided to do my best to walk away from the battleground.

The results of this kind of attitude is that you spend a lot of your life wound up about some injustice that just occured and frankly, you spend a lot of time completely misunderstood. Friends and family kind of look at you strangely, as if YOU are the problem not the buttheads around you. You see this happen more and more as you try to show what you are doing and why and perhaps you add a little more zeal to your self-imposed duties so that these people close to you can understand what you are doing but in the end it does not work. In fact, it seems that the 'butthead' sticker you are trying to pin on other folks is pinned on your own back at many times. Add to that the idea that each conflict you get into may be doubled if you are with someone at the time. They do not understand your motivation or need to vent a bit about that crazy driver, or very inconsiderate person you just encountered and now you not only have a conflict with the 'butthead' you have a conflict with your friend or family member as well. After a while this gets tiring and fruitlessly repeated over and over again. In the end I think that the world does not WANT to be saved from the inconsiderate and will rise up more quickly to put ME down than it ever did to stop 'suv lady' or any of the others that take such advantage of peoples times and resources, so with that being the case, I now announce my retirement from this fray. My 'Avengers' cloak is tossed into the trash bin and I drive on into then sunset, just another person getting cut-off at the light. (at least as much as I can)

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NancyJ said...

Hmmm...I wonder if it's not so black and white as ALWAYS hero crusader vs. always door mat?

Not exclusively either/or?

What if it was sometimes/and ...sometimes hero crusader AND sometimes choose to let it go?

Perhaps determined by circumstance...perhaps determined by "calling" on a case-by-case basis...perhaps determined by the big picture of picking one's battles for the greater good?

It seems this sort of function would require a lot more finesse, and a lot more sensitivity to calling and big other words, a lot more wisdom, cunning, and work.

Holy brain teaser, Batman, I'm going to have to mull this over some more!